Nature / History

The Seniors Activity and Recreation Fund (SARF) is a not for profit,  charitable organization, organized for public and charitable purposes. SARF is committed to serving the needs of underprivileged seniors and elderly through various activities and recreation programs both in the USA and  the Philippines.


SARF was founded in November 2008 by Alma G. Pineda. After many years of service in non profit organizations for children, she witnessed the effects of poverty on children and seniors in rural and depressed communities.  This experience motivated her to organize her own non profit, focusing mainly on many forgotten seniors and elders. She created programs and projects even before incorporating SARF. Now with the help of other Board Members, friends, relatives and donors, she is ready deliver hope, compassion, and bring smiles to many underprivileged seniors and elders.

We are committed to protect and nurture underprivileged seniors. We provide food, spiritual support, social interaction to dependent and lonely elderly, respecting the dignity and worth of each individual.



Mission Statement / Goals

The main objective of this corporation is to serve the needs of underprivileged seniors and elderly through various activities and recreational programs. The intent is to provide a variety of pleasurable experiences that will enhance the social, educational and physical well being. It shall also include the following goals:

  • Provide and facilitate civic, recreational and educational services to the seniors and elders of the community to develop and discover skills and interests.
  • Organize community outreach programs that provide nutritional and other forms of medical assistance to older adults living independently.
  • Promote senior exercise events designed for the active seniors to improve flexibility and balance, increase strength and energy and meet new friends in the community.
  • Provide social interaction through games, entertainment and other opportunity to take part in the community service projects and special events.
  • Organize volunteers and other individuals, specially those in the United States to work in a unified effort for the betterment of seniors citizens in their time of need.
  • Support, participate and contribute to activities and programs of agencies and organizations and persons pursuing a similar purpose and mission.


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors’ commitment, high level of professionalism, integrity and vision can transform resources into opportunities. We also thank and count on dedicated volunteers/coordinators in different churches, organized communities and non-government organizations (NGOs) who help us complete our projects, programs and services.

President and Founder:
Alma G. Pineda

Enrico C. Pineda
Mariel Black
Daisy Santos
David Goronja