Food Program

We ship out nutritional treats,
breakfast meals, and snacks on a regular basis. These goods are distributed to the following recipients through the help of our dedicated volunteer priests, nuns and coordinators:

  • Bahay Pag-Ibig of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
  • Daughters of Divine Zeal Community at Laoag, Philippines
  • Daughters of Divine Zeal Community at Pangasinan, Philippines
  • Social and Human Development Ministry, St. Paul of the Cross Parish, Marikina, Philippines
  • Diamond Citizen Association of Marikina, Philippines
  • SAREC – Senior Citizen Association of Mexico, Pampanga, Philippines


Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas Parties are organized for the enjoyment of underprivileged seniors and elders. They get the rare opportunity to dress up for the occasion, socialize with friends, and enjoy snacks and desserts. Prizes are given to raffle winners, and everyone receives a traditional “Noche Buena Basket” (Christmas Eve Basket) filled with Christmas treats for them to share and enjoy with their respective families.



Recreation and Activities

  • Valentine Parties
  • Bingo Day
  • Weekend Movies
  • Sewing Activities
  • Gardening and Potting Plants



“Making A Wish Come True” Program

This program focuses on underprivileged seniors and elders here in the USA. We have granted many wishes so far! With continued donations from generous people like you, we are committed to grant as many wishes as possible especially those in connection with activities and recreation.

  • Making a wish come true for Gary B., age 72 from Anza, CA. He wished for a burning stove to keep him warm during winter.
  • Making a wish come true for Robert R. from Doylestown, PA. Robert organizes Bingo Night for the residents of Grundy Hall. He wished to replace the old bingo machine to benefit and bring smiles to more than 145 residents.
  • Making a wish come true for Mary Lou, age 70 from Valencia, CA. She wished to replace her 30 year old karaoke machine and new CDs so she can perform for senior centers and local charities.
  • Making a wish come true for Dorothy B., age 68 from Dover, New Jersey. She wished for a fancy dinner and to see Phantom of the Opera in New York City. Dorothy volunteers her time by running errands for her neighbors in the housing complex, as well as sick and helpless people in her community.
  • Making a wish come true for Andrew S., age 76 from North Wales, PA. Andrew is an army veteran. He has poor vision and he needed a new pair of low-vision glasses so he can read and watch television for recreation. His wish came true.
  • Making a wish come true for Nina, age 83 from Suitland, MD. Nina is very sickly. Her only recreation and enjoyment is watching her favorite TV shows. Since the conversion to digital television, she only had a few channels to watch. Her wish for a digital TV was granted. She can now watch all her favorite shows.